The importance of Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy has supported a lot of people to stop their smoking habit. Hypnotherapy has worked for them when nothing else has worked. Hypnotherapy is the most efficient way of giving up smoking. Stop smoking hypnotherapy has provided an easier way to stop smoking without any cravings, irritability, mood swings or bad temper. It works with the unconscious mind by giving it positive suggestions so that the mind can start the positive changes in behavior pattern of the person.


Research has proved that Hypnotherapy is highly effective with smoking cessation, with a success rate of more than 66%. The success rate of other methods like Nicotine Replacement Products, behavior therapy and trying to quit on your own came out to be 25%, 25%, and 5% respectively.


The Stop smoking hypnotherapy session involves a meeting with a Hypnotherapist who puts the person into a hypnotic state and feeding suggestion to the subconscious like he is not a smoker and hates cigarettes. The cigarette smoke makes him ill, and he has no cravings for nicotine. Many therapies are applied, and smoking is paired with unpleasant experiences of the person. The subconscious thus repulses or signals to quit whenever the person is going to light a cigarette or involved in a smoking environment.


Hypnotherapy is successful in the case of stopping smoking as it directly deals with the subconscious. The urge to light a cigarette and cravings for nicotine come from within so subconscious is the best place to stop the cravings before they become intense. Many times combining hypnosis with other stop smoking methods give last longing effects.


A stop smoking hypnosis london session involves four stages:


Confidence building and Motivation

It involves building strong desire to quit smoking, reasons to stop and the benefits to doing so.


Prevailing over past connections

In involving changing the significance of cigarettes in our life, decreasing dependability upon them and their necessity.


Constructing new and healthier connections

It guides smokers mind to associate with healthier things and living a free from diseases and good lifestyle in future.


Checking Relapse

It strengthens and reinforces the value of quitting, why the person initiated the process of stopping to smoke, a bit relaxing and thus distressing the person from the thoughts related to smoking.


Last words

During the whole duration of hypnotic sessions, the person is observed closely and is pacified to control his feelings of while having nothing between his fingers. The sessions make him assertive, helping him to concentrate better. His body energy level and weight are continuously monitored.